Winnie Nwagi in Epic Make-up Failure


The extremely curvy and bootilicious musician Winnie Nwagi is the latest victim of an epic make up failure.

From the picture that telesqop landed on, Nwagi looked like she was straight out of acting a scene in a horror movie. Simply speaking she looked like she had dipped her face in a bowl of ash.

According to Teri a renowned make up artist in Kampala, make up can only go that bad because of two reason, when a person uses cheap make up  or employs the services of an amateur to do the job. 

It ought to be remembered that sometime last year musician Sheebah was also a victim of major make up failure when images of her were spread all over the media with her make up having gone south. This angered the musician so much that she was forced to fire her make up artist and seek for services elsewhere.

We only hope that Nwagi can borrow a leaf and do the needful.



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