How My Girl Almost Ruptured My Balls During Sex

She almost killed me

I am happy now that we are done with exams because as a driller, I am going to resume from where I stopped. For those of you may who have forgotten THE DRILLERS  is a group of young energetic guys who believe groins were not only created for passing out urine and I am at the rank of Chief General Drilller.(CGD)

Before we started  exams there is girl I had been chasing and I was seeing hopes of seeing Canaan so I made sure that even when I was busy reading for my papers I always  spared time to talk to her so as she can keep  in line and not think I had chucked her. I had managed to convince her how much I liked her and she had accepted us to date. Even when she was a virgin I had accepted to eat her cookie and be the first to exploit her Canaan so as I enter the books of history just like how we all remember John Speke for discovering River Nile. She was excited to come and serve me her cookie but had told her to keep calm till when I am done with exams because visiting Canaan in such times would disorganize me and make me lose concentration.

I finished exams yesterday and I called her to come for our mission which we had been waiting for.  Since she was a virgin I was not so much excited because I know how inexperienced these people are in such issues. So we are in bed trying to kiss and arouse ourselves for the main journey of exploration and guess what; she attempted to squeeze my gonads with the same intensity we men use to squeeze women’s behinds. “are you feeling good ?”, she asked. I replied yes since I didn’t want to spoil the mood. My positive response made her even increase on the energy she was using. This time she went for my balls and started compressing them as if she is molding some “karo” with her hand. It was so painful that I just found myself screaming. I assured her never to do such again and that was how our climbing session ended.

So today I have been sharing with fellow drillers and one of them came out to confess that he had suffered the same sometime back. He said the girl had pulled his organ to a point she almost detached it from his body thinking it was a form of arousal. She almost uprooted the most treasured part on a man’s body. He just slapped sense into her and that ended the session.

This taught me that whenever you climb a girl and she is all good in bed . Do not just thank the girl but also those a niggas whose hands she has passed through because her experience is because of them.

Till next time………………………..

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