Sexy Unapologetic Eve—Kampala’s Face of Kidongo

Unapologetic Eve
Unapologetic Eve

Evelyn Luganda known on the social scene as Unapologetic Eve is one of Kampala’s most active party animals.

If it’s lit, Eve will surely be there.

Having started out as a normal party lover, the curvaceous belle has found love in parties and making sure lit turn up is achieved.

“I want to be paid to party, not just in Uganda, but in other countries like Jamaica too,” she said recently in a TV interview.

According to records, she once harbored a dream to become a top media personality that slowly morphed into one of Uganda’s most followed social media personalities.

She is currently signed under Gong DJ Academy as the PRO.

Passion and hard work aside, Eve is unapologetically sexy and tempting.

Often punctuated with risqué fashion choices, her style is one to be reckoned with.

In front of the Camera, she is a tigress.

Bold pose after the other, she has churned out some of this town’s most groin-moving pictures in collaboration with top photographers.

Latest on her portfolio, she is the co-founder/ co-host Queenz of Kidongo, a new vibrant party with an inclination to celebrating female party animals.

Look through her pictures.

Unapologetic Eve
Unapologetic Eve

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