Rachael Avril — An Alluring Ugandan Queen You Should Meet Before 2018

If the beautiful haven’t been born yet, how would you explain the existence of people like Esmat Rachael Avril Nabacwa on earth?

This slinky, alluring creation of God is worth every man’s time.

If you happen to stumble on her social media pages, especially Facebook, it would be really inevitable for you to freeze in awe.

With a light complexion, Rachael is the definition of effortlessly sexy.

This girl, who is probably in her mid 20s also possesses a hard-to-resist facial creation, especially her thick lips.

Any ardent follower of Rachael would find it really easy to fall for her former self.

She was wild and unruly back then.

Scroll through her photos and see how far you can rate her.

In the meantime, we’re trying to get hold of her for an interview about her sex life. Stick around.


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