PHOTOS: Meet Pola Jojo…a Ugandan Lady with the Most Beautiful Curves

Blessed with a Butt to Die For, She's a Rare Specie

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, it’s obvious, this is the era of the hourglass figure and the curvaceous babes in Uganda have taken over.

Well, except for a few who would rather bang bones, we all love curves, don’t we?

Pola Jojo also known as Debie is not your usual socialite by the way. She’s reserved, endowed and insanely beautiful woman you’ve always dreamt of.

Taking a quick scroll through her Instagram account gives you butterflies and random questions like “Where do such women live!”

She is of Rwandan and Ugandan descent, which explains her insane body and curves.

Pola rarely smiles, but repeatedly slays whenever she steps in a place.

Telesqop understands that she loves a little high-end outings, which is why you’ll never find her in Bufundas.

Take a look at her photos and appreciate Nature’s best gift to your eyes.

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Curves for legends.
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