Meet the Special Force Dancers —Uganda’s Fastest-Rising Dance Group

The Ugandan dance fraternity has over the years been invaded by personalities, some of whom haven’t lived to celebrate their first anniversary.

To make it in life as a dancer, one needs more than just the skill.

Dorah and Joan, under their group —Special force, seem to have mastered the art of the trade, even though they’re still rising through the ranks.

Having served under groups for a while, the special force dancers seem to be finally breaking through as a duo.

Our snoop caught up with them on their journey in the industry, aspirations and much more.

Hello, When did you start Dancing?

We started from the Maisha dance group, later joined Riddim records dance group and then we ended up with a dance duo me and my friend.

How have you two managed to stay together, are you relatives or just friends! And what have been the challenges?

We are actually childhood friends. So far the challenges we have are the dancers who go perform for less money, they really kill the market of dancing!!!! They forget they put in a lot to get there… We actually dance to pay bills not just for passion.

Where would you like to be in the next few years? Do you have  people you aspire to be like?

Well, we all know the future is uncertain but I want to see myself at a well reputed position, with full of knowledge in my skills… All in all I see myself a successful person with this dance group in a few years to come.

My inspiration comes from Ashley Everett, one of Beyonce’s dancers… She has got all the skills I need in my career.

What are some of the biggest events you’ve performed at?

We performed for Bebe Cool at Serena, Hit after Hit for chameleon, we performed at Zanie Brown’s show at Labonita, we also performed for Cindy, Hellen Lukoma and many more.

Special forces at Zanie Brown’s show

Any music videos you have featured in?

Okikola otya by winnie Nwagi, Up in the air by Cindy & Kemishan, Latest song of Hellen Lukoma, Dj shiru and Aziz Azion’s latest video, Aganaga and some more.

Besides, facebook, how can a client contact you? Do you have a manager or?

For now we don’t have a manager, we get the connections ourselves…. We have a number that u can reach us on.. +256790383588.

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