Meet Shanise Bae, Kampala’s Sexiest New Slay Queen

Shanise Bae
Shanise Bae

At 22, Shanise Bae, real name Nansereko Shanise commands thousands of loyal followers, thanks to her banging body and personality.

A pure slay queen. A devoted party animal. A lover of life. None of those terms seems to fully describe who she truly is.

Shanise is one of those Muslim slay girls you’d never know much about, until she chooses to tell you about it.

In a one on one with our soldier, Shanise takes us a little deeper in her life.

These are the excerpts.

What keeps you in shape and glowing?

Less stress and money 😁😁😁

What’s that one side of you that most people don’t know about you?

The real me …most people  just see me, but they don’t know who I am

What do you love most about your style and body?

Whenever am shopping, I always go for sexy dresses. I love expensive things like perfumes.


How comfortable are you in those sexy dresses?

Like an old woman comfortable in a gomesi. I also wear dresses to inspire and it feels normal.

Is there anyone in social circles that you would want to be like. Someone who inspires you?

In Uganda, no one.

And Internationally?

She is Becky G. An artist. I like how she dresses.

There are many people out there who are dying to have a piece of you. What qualities should an ideal man have for you to give them a chance?

Money ,brains ,appearance, Godfearing, honesty, faithful and pride.

Shanise Rocking a two piece bikini
Shanise Rocking a two piece bikini

What’s the freakiest thing you ever done in life?

Getting drunk and forgot my way home

If there’s one part on you that you would change, what would it be?

I don’t think there is any.

What’s the greatest fear you have in life?

Poverty 😒😒😒

If you were to make out with a Ugandan celebrity, who would it be?



Shanise chilling by the poolside
Shanise chilling by the poolside
Um, yeah, Water has got nothing on her
Um, yeah, Water has got nothing on her




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