INTERVIEW: Meet December Kiconco, the Brains Behind the Magnificent “A Walk on Thorns” Book

December excited at her book launch

December Kiconco is a young, ambitious book writer whose passion and path was shaped by her Late Father.

December recounts how she, and her siblings were sometimes forced to read by their Father; It’s from such that she drew inspiration that has shaped her into the passionate writer she is today.

Today, December is a proud Author of ‘A Walk on Thorns’ a spectacular piece of writing that was launched recently.

Telesqop’s Justine Namara caught up with her for a deeper look into her life and dreams, as prsented in the excerpts below.

When did you start writing?

As a child, my father forced as to read all kinds of literature. We read to him and recited different articles and poems. In 2007, he passed away. I desperately wanted a connection with him.

He had been my reading partner and the person I went to when I got my first period and first letter from a boy. So I picked up one of his empty dairies and started writing letters to him.

In these letters, I told him about what was going on in my life, what he was missing and very many stories. Before I knew it I was fantasizing about more stories to keep up,   and his dairy was no longer enough. I moved to writing short stories in exercise books, friends started reading them and here I am today.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I found healing in writing; it was my escape from all the pain. It is my place of comfort. A place I go to when I am happy, sad, anxious, and hopeful.

What was the pain about, what were you running from?

It was the pain of losing my dad. I felt like writing made me forget that pain. I put of it on paper.

How many books have you written?

 I have been a ghost writer for around three years now, written different novels for different people but A Walk on Thorns is my first release.

Copies of “A Walk on Thorns” during the official launch

How long does it take you to complete writing?

 It all depends on what I am writing, I am an emotional writer. It usually takes me 6-10weeks to get a manuscript together.

Is it just talent or it is something you studied at school?

Surprisingly I was a scientist, I did PEM/ART; Physics Mathematics Economics and Art but like I said writing has always been my place of comfort. So even in the science class, I found myself writing short stories and renting them out to my classmates at 500/=.

 Where did you go to school?

 I went to Immaculate Heart Girls Nyakibale for  O ‘level , then Valley College Bushenyi for A ’level and later went  to Makerere University where  I  pursued  a bachelors degree in Ethics and Human Rights.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

Ooh!, I intend to build an empire run a successful publication house.  Bring hope and healing to many defenceless girls, be their voice, give them healing.

December(center) interacting with friends at her book launch

With the terrible reading culture of Ugandans, don’t you at times feel demoralised?

No, I am very passionate about writing.  I am always writing a story in my head. I live to write. I also have the most amazing friends and family, people that love my stories and are ready to read whatever I put out there. It’s impossible to feel demoralized with friends my people. They wish me well, want me to do what I am good at and will not take less from me.

What is ‘A Walk on Thorns’ about?

As a young girl, Barungi sets out into the world with lots of dreams, hopes and expectations.

Life immediately hands her lemons. She either has to learn to make lemonade or suffer the bitterness of these lemons.

Lost innocence, shattered dreams, defenceless and lost in the dark, Barungi takes it all and becomes her own light.

What challenges have you encountered so far?

A Walk on Thorns is a self published book, coming up with the funds wasn’t easy. It involved lots of saving. God has however been so good to me. Everything seems smooth even from the start when I was just writing stories, my friends helped a lot and I got connections which have enabled me get all it takes.


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