Modeling as a Born again Christian, Beatrice Aol shares her experience

Beatrice Aol
Beatrice Aol

Is it possible that the Lord would allow a Christian to pursue a career in modeling? This question will get all controversial answers from most people but not for Beatrice Aol who is born again and is an international model.

“I feel that I was led by God to join the modeling industry and for me, it’s about what God sees in me and not what people see,” she has this to say.

Beatrice graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design at Nkumba University where she participated in several fashion shows organized by the School of Commercial industrial and design and this was the basis of her career as a model. She is currently signed to Select Model Management (Global)

She shares with us her experience as a model and a born again Christian

When did you start professional modeling?

When I joined the Miss Uganda2019-2020 pageant, I gained more confidence to join the career and take to the next level. This confidence led me to participate in the Kampala Fashion Week where one of my pictures taken was recognized by BBC and featured as the best fashion picture in Africa.

I later participated in the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards and all this was last year, 2019.

What motivated you to join modeling?

I wanted to change the narrative, I wanted to lead more souls to God and honestly, I was led by God to this career, so I listened to God’s instruction.

Being born again and modeling is seen as controversial by society, how do manage that?

People have a different perception from God’s, so I go by what Gods sees not what people think. I even pray always so that designers can give me the perfect outfits. So, what society thinks does not matter.

What’s the most challenging decision you ever had to make in your career as a Christian and a model?

It has not been that challenging for me to a larger extent only that some people have negative perceptions towards modeling.

What’s the biggest runway you’ve walked?

I opened for the Vivianne Westwood show in Paris. She is a famous designer in Europe.

Beatrice Aol
Beatrice Aol at Vivianne Westwood show in Paris

What’s your healthy routine to keep up with your size?             

I eat fruits, vegetables and do exercises to keep in shape and for healthy skin.

What do you advise anyone still struggling with what society thinks of their careers?

They should look at what God has purposed them t do and not what people expect them to do.

Beatrice Aol Beatrice Aol

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