PHOTOS: Mammoth Crowd, Beauties Throng Atmosphere Lounge for DJ Spinny’s Maiden Silent Disco

Spinny during one of his best moments on the decks

It wasn’t a normal Saturday night for revelers who attended DJ Spinny’s silent disco at Atmosphere Lounge, Kololo.

It was an ecstatic experience that, up to now, is the talk of town.

The party was bankrolled by Singleton, one of the most plush whiskies on market.

With over 10 Deejays playing on different channels, the disco left a mark that left many events planners in shivers.

DJ Dash, Bankrobber, Xzyl, among other Deejays made it a memorable night for the hundreds of revelers.

After ensuring that the fans were lit and ready for action, DJ Spinny himself took over the blue channel turning the venue into a neon-light affair.

Revelers who were previously hoked to the other channels couldn;t help but switch as Spinny made a huge entry mark with Big Shaq’s “Man’s not hot”

His set up featured hit songs from Uganda, Rwanda, and other parts of the world.

On a lighter note though, the event attracted the creme of Kampala babes who did nothing but have a wild team at the event.

We have the photos:

Bebe Cool with Spinny at the event
Some of the ushers at the event
Beauties sipping on singleton at the event
Part of the crowd at the event
DJ Dash, Ciza during one of their sets
Sexy Nana Weber aka Supersexy at the event
Spinny during his performance
Comedian Salvador with Empire Actor



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