We want our money, Busoga MPs Roast Kadaga

We want our money , Busoga MPs tell Kadaga

When troubles start coming, they come in groups, goes the saying.
It’s applicable to embattled former speaker Of parliament Rebecca Kadaga.
Sources say that as the chairperson of the Busoga Parliamentary Association, Kadaga has failed to account for money contributed by members of the 10 th parliament from Busoga sub region.

“We did not have any activities benefiting our people of Busoga yet our money was deducted monthly,” an angry MP from Busoga said.

“The chairperson never initiated any programs for the association. she was enjoying her office and we waited for programs in vain.”

The treasurer for the association was former woman MP for Mayuge District Mukoda Zaabwe while the secretary was Mariam Naigaga, the Woman MP for Namutumba District. Both are Kadaga’s blue eyed girls.

Mukoda failed miserably while Naigaga bounced back.
This website understands that during parliamentary campaigns, Shs165m was withdrawn from the association account but no accountability was given.
“We didn’t do anything so where did our money go? Kadaga wants the public to believe she is serious on accountability but for us who know her, the situation is embarrassing, “ another Busoga MP lamented.

The MPs want Kadaga to refund them their money since she was the main signatory to the account.
The MPs are bitter that Kadaga has surprised them so much that they need fresh air.

“Look at the ladies she chose to work with. Naigaga has no decorum especially when money is involved. She is even the one running around distributing Kadaga’s campaigns money but we want them to be transparent beginning from home.”

The MPs are bitter that Kadaga treats them like they are less Basoga and only her should be heard.
“I am tired of Kadaga’s intrigue and dictatorship. Let her be defeated in this Speaker’s race and you will see how Busoga will feel relief. Good riddance kabisa, “another mp said.

“ Oulanyah has suffered under her but we Basoga have suffered silently. She is shameless. She is now crying and rallying us as Basoga but did Busoga start with her ? There was Busoga and there will be Busoga without her.”

Two years ago, Bukono MP Persis Namuganza told a parliamentary committee that her money was being deducted illegally by parliament and paid to Busoga parliamentary association.
Angry Busoga MPs alleged that Kadaga is clinging onto speakership because she fears being exposed for the ugly deals she has made and her desire to use parliament to leverage her presidential ambitions.

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