You’re Responsible for your Own UK Visa Woes- Minister Oryem to Miriam Otengo

Minister Okello Oryem told Miriam Otengo to stop blaming her former husband
Minister Okello Oryem told Miriam Otengo to stop blaming her former husband

State minister for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem has asked Miriam Otengo, an officer at Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stop blaming her former husband, Ambassador Dickson Ogwang for her troubles.

Otengo has been on rampage on social media alleging that her estranged husband, Ogwang, the former Deputy Ambassador to Washington DC. Otengo is still threatening her and that he has a hand in influencing the British High Commission to block her Visa Application.

Otengo and Amb. Ogwang’s marriage went sour after the former accused the later of beating her while in U.S prompting Ugandan government to recall him.

Speaking to Voice of Lango, Okello Oryem said that Otengo should stop blaming Ogwang for her failed Visa application to the UK.

Miriam Otengo and Amb. Dickson Ogwang during their hey days

Below is the verbatim;

Ogwang returned from US and accepted to go through the standard procedure of being counseled. After counseling we reinstated him as an Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he is now working in Diaspora desk. His wife (Miriam) also through her own means was recruited in the Foreign Service and was posted to London. However, UK government rejected her Visa application, but Ogwang has no influence whatsoever in determining whether anybody can get a Visa or not to the UK. Just like me I can’t influence one to get a Visa to the US or UK. It is at the discretion of the UK, they assess everybody according to their individual merit so when the UK decided not to give her a Visa then Ogwang should not be blamed for that.

Now if you have a domestic misunderstanding with your husband then there are certain things you cannot do as a diplomat, there are mechanisms within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address those issues. This is not the first case we have handled more serious cases but they have been handled in a very diplomatic, social and civilized manner, so my advice to my sister (Otengo) is that she should be calm, get counseling, she might be having relapse but she needs to calm down and stop putting their problems in the public domain.

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