THE UNTOLD STORY: Why Foreign Affairs Boss Otengo was Denied UK Visa

Miriam Otengo and Amb. Dickson Ogwang during their hey days

Details of why Miriam Otengo, a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was denied United Kingdom (UK) Visa have emerged.

Last week, we reported how Otengo had dragged her estranged husband, Dickson Ogwang, the former Deputy Ambassador to Washington DC. Otengo alleged that her ex-hubby who is the father of her two kids had a hand in the blocking of her UK Visa application- an allegation that both Ogwang and Foreign Affairs ministry have vehemently denied as unfounded and baseless.

Otengo and Amb. Ogwang’s marriage went sour after the former accused the later of beating her while in U.S prompting Ugandan government to recall him. Since then the two have been working at the Ministry in the Department of Diaspora hoping that each of them would be posted soon after the storm has calm down.

Indeed, about three months ago, Otengo was posted to the Uganda’s Embassy in UK and in September this year, she excitedly started processing her Visa which has since then been blocked.

When Otengo’s Visa application was blocked, she reportedly took her frustration on social media accusing her ex-hubby of writing to the British High Commission to deny her Visa.

We have exclusively learnt that whereas indeed Otengo applied for UK Visa in September, she did not meet the necessary requirements regarding parental details of the kids she had tagged along.

It has emerged that during her Visa application, Otengo told the British High Commission in her Visa application form that she had 5 kids. As it is the norm, the Commission asked her to substantiate and provide DNA of the 5kids she wants to travel with to the Queen’s land.

This is in the awake of the rampant human trafficking cases where Ugandan children are trafficked in foreign countries and gruesomely abused and used as sex slaves.

We have established that when Otengo was asked to attach DNA of the alleged 5 kids, she fled like a bat in hell and never returned to the Commission to defend her Visa application, but rather abandoned the process.

In November this year, Otengo ignorantly attempted to circumvent the earlier Visa application requirements and this time applied for a red (Diplomatic) Visa which did not require details of parentage. Unfortunately, her second Visa attempt was denied on grounds that she still had a pending Visa file which had not been disposed. To date, Otengo is still stranded after her Visa application was denied and has since then taken her frustration to castigate Amb. Ogwang alleging that he could have had a hand.

It has emerged that out of the 5kids Otengo had alleged were her biological kids, only three were indeed hers out of whom two were fathered with Amb.Ogwang. The other two kids were a nephew and a nanny that she wanted to travel with to UK as her own biological kids. It is the reason she declined to attach DNA of all the 5 alleged kids. This could have easily been detected by British High Commission as forgery and fraudulent.

Consequently, Otengo has turned shame into bitterness and continued to troll her ex-hubby on social media for allegedly blocking her Visa citing old cases of gender based violence.


It has emerged that whereas Miriam Otengo is willing to settle and pursue her new career without trolling her ex-hubby whom she regularly talks to on phone, her egos are being catalyzed by her family members who persistently with ill-motive want her to destroy the father of her kids in the public space.

This explains why Ogwang’s efforts to call for arbitration using elders, Bishops, family members and prominent politicians like Ogenga Latigo has been futile as Otengo’s family members continuously ill-advise her not to. Currently, Miriam Otengo is being influenced by her elder sister Rebecca Otengo to use media to malign Ogwang who has remained law abiding and diplomatic to respond to the allegations. Rebecca Otengo is Uganda’s Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Her son a one Daniel Obal is at the helm of fueling and inciting the public to portray Amb.Ogwang as a violator of human rights by blackmailing him through an NGO purposely established for the same.

We have been informed that Rebecca Otengo is the main financer and facilitator of the recent Night Press Conference under a new GBV organization Mama Harbour that mainly targeted Ambassador Dickson Ogwang as a GBV violator against her sister Miriam Otengo. Rebecca is also behind Miriam’s appointment and posting to London. It is clear that Dickson and Miriam foes, now endangering both of their career, is largely triggered by Rebecca’s involvement in their family affairs.

On Monday (today), Miriam Otengo was hosted on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya program where she was seeking public sympathy claiming she has been a victim of gender-based violence. It is suspicious to see Miriam come out to speak about her ordeal 2years after it happened raising more suspicion that she is merely bitter after her Visa was blocked. While on TV, she shed crocodile tears without revealing the fraud surrounding her denial of Visa.

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