SODOMY KING: UNHCR Boss Netted for Drilling ‘Wrong Hole’

Jennefer Acan, who was reportedly sodomised by the UNHCR boss talks to the media. Apparently, she cannot control flow of stool

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) boss, Ali Khemis is sweating plasma behind bars after he was arrested for allegedly bum-drilling and shattering a hotel waitress.

According to Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar, Khemis, who is UNHCR Team Leader in Kitgum has been reportedly bum-drilling a 22year old gal, Jennefer Acan, who is a waitress at Little Palace Hotel in Kitgum.

Anywar told the press on Monday that Khemis,65, has been luring Acan and others at large into acts of sodomy without their consent and whoever attempted to refuse, he would harass them.

“Acan’s future has been shattered, she is in a bad state and cannot control flow of stool. But am glad to say that Khemis has been arrested and is currently detained at Jinja Road Police where he will face laws of Uganda,” Anywar said.

She added that whereas Khemis has been hiding in the armpits of UN diplomatic immunity laws, his bosses from Geneva have confirmed that he has no immunity and that he must face the law.

Anywar added that Khemis has been using his financial muscle to lure young girls in Kitgum and other areas into his dirty sex games where he turns his ‘gun’ into the wrong spot. She rallied other victims to come out and testify against Khemis who is said to have got involved in carnal knowledge with many young people most of whom are vulnerable young girls whom he lures with his money.

Apparently, Khemis attempted to silence the case at CPS-Kitgum before the matter was transferred to Gulu regional office and later on to Kibuli Police in Kampala.


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