Sanjay Tanna’s Indian Funders Furious over Unaccounted Campaign Money

Indian community in Uganda

The Indian communities who funded Sanjay Tanna’s campaigns for NRM vice chairperson for Eastern region are demanding for accountability.

The Indian community both within and outside Uganda reportedly bankrolled Sanjay Tanna’s campaigns for the top NRM CEC slot up to a tune of about Shs5billion.

The Indian Association in Uganda headed by Sanjiv Patel, are among the categories of Indian community who funded Sanjay’s recently concluded campaigns, which ended in a failure after he lost the coveted NRM CEC seat to the incumbent Flight Capt Mike Mukula. Others categories that funded Tanna include; the Indian government and those in the Diaspora.

Despite injecting about Shs5bn in the Sanjay’s campaigns, the Indian born politician still lost having garnered 4,162 votes against Mukula’s 5,818.

Now, Telesqop has received intelligence that the Indian community are bitter with Sanjay Tanna following the loss. Apparently, Tanna’s camp did not fully utilize the monies and thus failed to account to their funders.

Sources say that Sanjay could have diverted big chunk of money to resuscitate his already crumbling business empire.

Of late, Sanjay’s businesses have been closing down due to recurring losses and unpaid bank loans. Recently, his water business in Entebbe was forced to close down over bank loan. Others that have collapsed include his fuel project in Kampala. Tanna is the distributor of many products including Rwenzori water, Coca-cola etc.

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