Sanjay Tanna is Just a Local Politician, Says Veteran Politician Benard Mujaasi

Veteran Mbale LCV Chairperson Benard Mujaasi has weighed in on the candidature of former Tororo Municipality MP Sanjay Tanna who wants to contest for NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region.

In a leaked video, Mujaasi says that Sanjay Tanna is a “local” politician who can not handle national issues. He said that the incumbent Capt Mike Mukula is still the best candidate to retain his seat as NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region.

“I know Sanjay Tanna very well. He is a local politician in Tororo and this position needs a person with a national perspective like Mike Mukula. So in my view, Sanjay Tanna has a local perspective while Mukula has a national perspective; he appeal to the people nationally,” Mujaasi said.

Mukula is tipped to retain his NRM CEC seat against the likes of Sanjay Tanna and former LCV Chairperson Ekongot.

Mukula’s candidature has already received a nod from nearly all subregions including Buganda, Busoga, Sebei, Bukedi and Teso where the NRM District Executive Committee vowed to return him and President Museveni as sole candidates.

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