Police Releases List Of Wanted Criminals

Police notice
Police notice


Police has today urged the public to work hand in hand with them. During an interaction with the members of the media recently, officials from Uganda police expressed the need for the community to be involved in the work of police.

“We can’t work without the community. The community policing campaign has been talked about but often it stops at just the launch. We are calling out the community to assist us, because we are protecting them, but are at the same time also human. We can’t arrest people without the help of witnesses. We cannot pluck out the weeds in society if they’re being hidden by people,” relayed an official of the Uganda Police force.

This, after police had announced the disappearing of a list of wanted that have since gone off the tracking provisions grid. According to a notice issued by the Central Police Station (C.P.S,) the police need assistance from the public in tracking down criminal offenders Nagudi Christine, Denis Tumusiime, Shukuli Mukangango, Woniala Denis, Esther Mujeefu, Muhamada Kabiito, Yusuf Kanywanyi and Benon Gumisiriza.

The list was released to help the public assist police in the investigations. The officer went ahead to avail numbers to call in case the public saw anything.

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