Opposition MPs Declare “Togikwatako” Red Week

Opposition MPs addressing a press conference at Parliament on Thursday where they declared Togikwatako Week

Starting next Monday, Uganda will be painted red in protest of the pending Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017 dubbed Age limit Bill, Opposition legislators have said.

The MPs led by deputy Leader of Opposition Roland Mugume said that they have declared “Togikwatako” week beginning on Monday as committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs prepare to present the Age limit report on Tuesday in preparation for its second reading.

“We have declared Togikwatako week starting next week on Monday because it’s a day when the committee that is currently having a retreat in Kigo will present the report for debate on Tuesday. We have agreed that hon Kivumbi will lead us as parliament on Togikwatako week,” Mugume said.

Muwanga Kivumbi said that all MPs were recently flagged off to go and consult widely on the controversial Bill, but NRM MPs defied the masses’ Togikwatako views to endorse the Bill behind their backs.

“During this Togikwateko week, this country will be painted red and Gen Kayihura won’t be able to stop it.  Beginning Monday the colour of dressing is red. Businesses will be closed and we shall be holding a series of activities and press briefing every day. We are going to rally Ugandans to paint this country red. Ugandans are going to dress red for a week and if need be for 2weeks or even on Christmas,” Kivumbi said.

“We shall ensure that activists will call MPs on phone and we know majority will tell them Togikwateko. We are going to organize a parade outside parliament so that each MP receives a guard of honour as they enter parliament. Ugandans should do something on that at least get a stone and write on the wall.”

Kivumbi added that what happened on September 26 and 27 was just a rehearsal and that they are prepared for the real fight when the report comes on the floor of parliament next week.

Moses Kasibante said that he is going to provide contacts for all MPs so that citizens can call them and say, “Togikwatako.”

“Makes sure you call your MP and make sure you even know where he or she stays and don’t forget to go and hospitably receive him or her after voting on this Bill,” Kasibante said.  The opposition MPs are confident that police’s brutal hand will not deter Ugandans.

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