Muntu Condemns Rukungiri Police Brutality, Slams NRM


Major General Mugisha Muntu, the incumbent FDC party president has condemned the recent Police hostility during an anti-age limit rally in Rukungiri.

At the said rally, one supporter was shot dead.

On Friday morning, Muntu expressed his dissatisfaction, calling on the Police to instead carry out their constitutional mandate.

“I am not happy with today’s police way of operation, guns that are meant for security are now being used to kill people, “Muntu noted before adding that “They [Police] are only causing chaos.

Muntu, who was holding a press briefing after his Fort Portal mobilization, also slammed NRM for their “cowardly” acts of infringing on the opposition’s planned rallies, yet they proceed with theirs.

“The government should stop fearing the opposition. Let’s them do their rallies and leave us to peaceful operate ours as well ,” he said.

While engaging the public as the current FDC president, he explained that he among other fellow opposition leaders and supporters will not struggle to rival NRM but to lay a stronger foundation right from local regions.

“We should now focus on mobilizing and building strong and local leaders to have great leadership in the party” Gen. Mugisha Muntu explained.

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