Mukula Sweeps NUP out of Bulambuli District

Mukula (C) received over 750 NUP coordinators

Capt Mike Mukula, the NRM vice chairperson for Eastern region has swept National Unity Platform (NUP) out of Bulambuli District in Bugisu sub region.

Over 750 NUP coordinators in Bulambuli District yesterday defected to the NRM ruling party a week to the January 14th polls.

The NUP coordinators most of whom are youths demanded that NRM government includes them in livelihood programs like the ongoing Emyooga fund where each constituency has received about Shs560m.

“We joined NUP because of the arrogance and segregation from NRM government. We the youth have always been ignored yet we form the biggest percentage of the country’s population. But now we are back home and ready to demobilize others to return and vote President Museveni,” James Mabonga, chairperson, NUP Bulambuli County said. Mukula was in Bulambuli district where he was flanked by former Minister Irene Muloni, who is also the NRM flag bearer for Bulambuli district.

“We want jobs, there are so many factories here in Bugisu, but all employees are from outside Bugisu yet we are equally qualified,” he said.

Mukula hands over NRM T-shirt to James Mabonga, chairperson, NUP Bulambuli County

Another female NUP defector, accused public officials of sexually harassing them for jobs, saying their dire state has become an opportunity for people to use them as sex toys in their pursuit for jobs.

In his speech, Mukula emphasized need for the youth to quickly form saving groups to benefit from emyooga. He said that in the NRM Manifesto, their emphasis now is to eradicate poverty, create jobs for young people, fight corruption, ensure equitable distribution of resources and widen East African markets.

“Museveni inherited only one dam-Owen Falls dam with only two turbines with 62megawatts. But now, 5 major dams and other small dams have been built. Uganda is making steady progress. We are providing free health Primary care. That is why you are producing and the kids are not dying because they are fully immunized. In the past women would lose half of their children. So now we have the infrastructure in place and our focus will be bringing services to the people,” Mukula said.

Mukula will today, Friday take his campaign tours to Pallisa District.



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