Mukula: I defeated FDC’s Amuriat in Soroti Municipality MP Seat

Capt Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region has rendered the presidential candidature of Forum for Demcractic Change (FDC) Patrick Amuriat as “inconsequential.”

Mukula said that the NRM Party is not worried about Amuriat’s presidential bid saying he is not a “threat” at all. Mukula boasted how he contested against Amuriat in a Parliamentary election for Soroti Municipality in 2001 and defeated him.

He was on Sunday carvassing for votes for NRM Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni in Ngora District where he held two meetings before holding another meeting in Ocokican Subcounty Soroti County.

“FDC is now a shell. There is no single pillar in FDC even in Teso where he (Amuriat) comes from. He has no single FDC MP in Teso. All the three(Ariko, Osegge and Okupa) he was left with have contested as Independents,” he said.

In 2016, Amuriat lost his Kanyum County Parliamentary Seat to then Kumi LCV Ismail Orot.

Mukula urged the people of Teso to vote NRM government because of the social services that have been extended to the people including electricity, tarmac roads, clean safe among others.

“In the new manifeso, we are planning to upgrade and expand the Malaba, Tororo, Mbale, Kumi, Soroti, Dokolo Highway to 14metres. We are also going to tarmac 102km road from Kumi to Ngora-Serere-Kagwara and also provide 64km tarmac from Soroti to Serere-Pingire-Mugarama to the lake,” Mukula said.

He also that government has set aside billions of money to provide clean and safe water to all town councils and other areas.

“We are even going to build the most ultra modern blood bank in the Eastern region and west Nile. So what are you opposing when people are getting health services?” he said.

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