Kadaga Resorts to Game of Populism to Bounce Back as Speaker

By Andrew Miti

I listened to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga on Capital Gang, a current affairs radio talk show on Saturday.

I must hasten to say from the onset that whenever Kadaga appears in the media, she is after something for her political survival — mostly posturing as a concerned politician about the plight of ordinary folks.

She is not that concerned but has mastered some art of telling lies.

So during the talk show, she said NRM and it’s chairman President Museveni, failed in Busoga because government performance in the region was mediocre.

That for the last 35 years, only one road has been built by NRM government in Busoga.

Let’s set the record straight. In roads / transport sector in Busoga, NRM has done the following :

a). Tarmacked roads in Kamuli Municipality , which is in Busoga.

Kadaga knows this. But still Museveni lost votes in Kamuli Municipality.

Museveni also won in Kadaga’s polling station in Mbulamuti by only one vote.

Imagine an NRM Presidential candidate getting only vote more than the Opposition candidate in the home of NRM second national Vice chairperson, Rebecca Kadaga , also the Speaker of Parliament.

Certainly it couldn’t be because of lack of tarmac roads.

  1. b) Jinja -Kaliro Road is being redone by UNRA.

I hope Kadaga accepts that Kaliro is part of Busoga.

  1. c) The Iganga -Tirinyi Road. This road passes through two districts of Busoga — Iganga & Namutumba Distructs.

And Kadaga is very close to Dott Services, who are the road contractors.


  1. d) During the just concluded presidential and parliamentary campaigns, Kadaga was all over media ( she loves and courts media attention all the time ) with the president launching the Bridge that connects Kayunga and Kamuli.

Perhaps Kadaga did not explain to the voters that it was the work of NRM government.

  1. d) The ferries connecting Busoga to other districts are the work of NRM government. May be Kadaga purchased them for her people.  But even then it would still be connected to NRM since she is a top leader in government.

The other thing Kadaga talked about was the issue of poverty in Busoga especially the prices of sugar.

Truth be told Kadaga is being populist here.

President Museveni has consistently preached about mobilization of families for production. And he has often told political leaders to take the lead in this.

It’s not just about Busoga but the entire country.

By talking about poverty in Busoga when she boasts all the time that the position of Speaker is for Basoga.

What does Kadaga use her position for?

Instead of starting a farm in Busoga , Kadaga herself set up her personal farm in Luweero.

Who then should take the lead in mobilization of farmers in Busoga and leading them by example.

If sugar cane is impoverishing people, has Kadaga tried to teach them alternatives?

You want speakership in the name of Busoga but you invest elsewhere!!

In addition, the Speaker of Parliament scrutinizes the government budget , is Kadaga saying that she doesn’t know how much money gets allocated to Busoga ?

In any case, if poverty is growing in Busoga then what has been the role Kadaga in the leadership of Busoga for the last 35 years?

Is Kadaga getting poorer for all those years or her personal investment portfolios have increased?

I am tempted to believe that Kadaga is making these statements because her personal interests are under threat. Precisely her interests to be perennial Speaker of Parliament.

This is a lady who fought tooth and nail to get Edward Sekandi out of the position of Speaker on grounds that he had served for 10 years.

She now sees Jacob Oulanyah’s interest in the same position as threatening.

Kadaga did all she could to blackmail Oulanyah’s bid saying he had nothing to bring on table since NRM was not getting votes in the north.

Karma is real.

This time Oulanyah has retuned good results for President Museveni and NRM in the north while Kadaga, ensured that her party and its flag bearer got humiliated in Busoga.


What will she say about Oulanyah’s bid now?

She is changing strategy by blaming government performance in Busoga.

Truth be told, Busoga has benefited more from NRM than Acholi.

This renders Kadaga’s argument redundant and deceptive.

Oulanyah simply mobilized well for the party while Kadaga only focused on her seat and not the party.

Oulanyah moved to reconcile the north while Kadaga breeds conflicts, intrigue and blackmail in Busoga. She wants to be the only power center.

We never heard anywhere that Kadaga visited Kaliro, Iganga or Bugiri looking for NRM votes.

We heard about Oulanyah in West Nile, Acholi and Lango rallying party cadres.

Let Kadaga just accept that what she accused Oulanyah of is now on her door.

She failed to mobilize votes for the party but she wants the same party to maintain her as Speaker.

She fought Sekandi off the seat but feels offended when Oulanyah shows interest in the same seat.


The other game Kadaga has indulged in for long is that of posturing as independent minded.

She makes a few rants in media against government to win the ever gullible opposition members.

She makes them believe she will safeguard their interests in parliament yet by her own confession , she is the one who helped President Museveni amend the age limit otherwise he would not be President.

This is ever her strategy to scare and blackmail President Museveni whenever she is politically cornered.

Her other card is the tribal card.

She ever quick to remind us of how westerners are dominating things.

She, however, doesn’t remind us how to her, her allies in Busoga are first class citizens and others don’t matter.

By the way she even announced for us a Covid19 cure which would be the first because it was manufactured by her Busoga boy.

She carried books and books to parliament justifying how Covid19 manufacturers were genuine.

To date the world is still grappling with Covid19.

That is just a tip of how Kadaga abuses her parliament position.  Reducing it to Busoga cronyism.

We need to boldly tell Kadaga that her antics are well known.

Blaming everyone else except herself is an egoistic trait.

The poor performance of NRM in Busoga is largely because Kadaga herself is holding people of Busoga hostage.

They must not thrive without her blessings. They must not question her.

No government program should be in Busoga without her blessing.

Basoga are not free from Kadaga domination.

The fish issue she is talking about is part of her usual courting of public sentiments.

The soldiers could have made some operational mistakes but the overall objective was to preserve fish.

Today, fish factories which had left Jinja are returning because the fish stocks have increased in the lake.

So what does Kadaga really want?

For once madam Kadaga accept that NRM failures in Busoga are not separable from you.

The 35 years of NRM specifically in Busoga have been walked with you in tow.

Stop being double faced.

When it’s gaining from the party, you want to be more NRM than others. When it’s carrying the setbacks, you want to be madam clean.

It’s others who are either corrupt or incompetent while you are not.

Why would Kamuli voters be angry with the poor performance of NRM but vote you who is a top cadre of the same party and government?

Some games are hard to play all the time.  You get exposed.

It’s mind boggling that Kadaga who literally does the work of the executive — allocating the budget , implementing government work ( she is ever launching government projects ) etc is the one saying government had failed.

Then why do you run all over the country with helicopters and convoys?

We all know that Kadaga does the work of monitoring and evaluation of government programs that is why she travels within the country more than the Office of the Prime Minister.

By being Speaker, nothing gets done without her.

Isn’t that capture of the government?

The Writer is a concerned Ugandan

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