Foreign Affairs Officer Otengo in Fresh Whopper War with Ex-Hubby Amb. Ogwang

Amb Dickson Ogwang (R) and his embattled former wife Miriam Otengo

Miriam Otengo, a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still struggling to come to terms with a break up with her husband, Ambassador Dickson Ogwang.

Otengo separated with Amb. Ogwang, former Uganda’s deputy ambassador to United States more than a year ago after she accused him of battering her- an allegation that prompted government to recall him to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Whereas we all thought the two lovers who are currently working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs had moved on after the break up, it has emerged that Otengo is still nursing fury and is not about to give Ogwang a chance to be happy in his new life.

A year after the breakup, Otengo on Sunday shamelessly took to social media and reposted old stories where her former hubby was accused of battering her-in a move meant to torment and once again embarrass Ogwang who is now living a low profile as he rejuvenates his diplomatic career.

Otengo’s move has been interpreted as ‘love gone bad’ where she has vowed to continue tormenting Ogwang in his new life as a probable punishment for the separation.

In one of the inflammatory tweets, Otengo alleges that her former hubby (Ogwang) is still trolling and abusing her despite the break up without substantiating.

“Not Tourism today But GBV!!!!! Am a survivor of GBV and seeking justice. My abuser is torturing and tormenting me. My life is at risk, my career is hanging. This happened Nov. 2017 in The USA, now am In Uganda. I cant take this. I NEED help,” Otengo tweeted in a message directed to Ogwang.

Miriam Otengo tormenting her former hubby on Twitter a year after their separation

She said in another tweet, “At one point in our lives, we all need help, a shoulder, it’s this time that I need the help, the shoulder to lean on, I need the justice, I invite you from all walks of life to the occasion of saving me. Every woman is a potential GBV Victim.”

It is not clear why Otengo has decided to disgrace the father of her kids on social media which is contrary to the International Diplomatic Standards that requires foreign officers to have some levels of etiquette and conduct.

Her tweets have met resistance from people on social media with majority assuring her to “act her age” and stop throwing her dirty linen on social media like a slay queen despite holding a diplomatic position.

One of Otengo’s inflammatory tweets

“Even men are GBV victims. You’ve literally taken over his job after the accusations which made him to be sacked from US. Why do you think he can bribe the British embassy? You are redefining and redirecting Uganda diplomacy to slay queen world,” a one Wild Nerve tweeted in response.

Apparently, Otengo alleges that Amb Ogwang recently wrote to the British High Commission to block her (Otengo) visa application, which has sparked off the rage.

Despite the allegation from Otengo, Ogwang who is also active on Twitter has remained diplomatic, calm and silent.

Miriam Otengo is the young sister to Rebecca Amuge Otengo who is the current ambassador of Uganda in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Miriam Otengo is former Senior Private Secretary to the President.

Sources says that this ill-motive and witch-hunt from Miriam Otengo is to blackmail Ogwang who has reportedly got a green light from the Ministry for redeployment.

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