Ex-minister Alupo Refuses Food Served by MP who Defeated her in 2016

Former minister Jessica Alupo (C) in the queue. On the right is MP Akurut serving sauce

There was drama on Sunday after former Education minister and Katakwi Woman MP Jessica Alupo refused food being served by the MP who ousted her in 2016 general polls.

Violet Akurut shockingly defeated Alupo for the Katakwi Woman seat leaving the latter devastated by the loss.

The rivalry between the two camps hit new heights on Sunday as they hosted Soroti Catholic Diocese Bishop Joseph Eciru Oliach for the inauguration of Christ the King Parish in Olilim, Katakwi district.

After the ceremony, the congregation was served food while the VIPs including Bishop Eciru, his entourage and politicians were invited to a special lunch in one of the rooms.

With several dishes on the tables, serving points were being handled by ushers and among them was Violet Akurut who volunteered being the host MP to serve her guests.

All was fine. The queue was being served smoothly until Alupo approached the serving points. After being served posho, rice and matooke, it was now time to proceed to be served sauce which was rich of chicken, liver and beef. When Alupo realized that it was her rival-Alupo who was serving sauce, she refused to be served and decided to carry her dry food without sauce.

She was spotted chewing dry rice with a bottle of soda.

Alupo bypasses Akurut who was serving beef and chicken

Earlier during the function, Alupo declined to accept pleasantries forwarded to her by Usuk County MP Peter Ogwang in the presence of the Bishop. Ogwang made special recognition of the politicians who stood up to wave to the Bishop and other congregation. However, when Ogwang recognized Alupo, she was seemingly disgusted by the act and shamelessly remained seated to the surprise of Bishop Eciru.

Alupo largely blames Ogwang for her defeat in 2016 polls.

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