EOC approves 18 government programs for a gender and Equity Compliance certificate

According to a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission, all the 18 government Programmes will be issued with a gender and equity compliance certificate having scored above the minimum score of 50% in a recent assessment.

A gender and equity certificate is a document that confirmswhether a particular Ministry, Department, Agency, Local Government or program has allocated and utilized government resources equitably to address the needs of women, people with disabilities, older person, ethnic minorities, youth among other categories of people without discrimination.

“These 18 programmes are hereby recommended to be issued a certificate of gender and equity compliance in accordance with Section 9 (6) of the PFMA, 2015”, reads a recommendation in the report.

The 18 programs include Human Capital Development 82%; Community Mobilisation and Mindset Change 79%; Natural resources, Environment, Climate Change, Land & Water 76%; Innovation, Technology Development and Transfer 70%; Agro-Industrialisation 68%; Governance and Security 68%; Digital Transformation 66%.

Others are Integrated Transport and Infrastructure Services 66%; Mineral Development 63%; Sustainable Urbanisation and Housing 63%; Development Plan Implementation 63%; Regional Development 63%; Private Sector Development 62%; Public Sector Transformation 62%; Tourism Development 61%; Manufacturing 59%; Sustainable Energy Development 57% and Sustainable Development of Petroleum Resources 58%.

Irene Nafungo the Acting Head of the Compliance and Enforcement Department at the Equal Opportunities Commission says all the programs considered interests and constraints of the different categories of people in their plans and budget for the Financial Year 2021/2022.

“The Public Finance Management Act, 2015 mandates the EOC together with the ministry of finance to award this certificate to any program which has planned and budgeted with a consideration of not leaving anyone behind. These 18 programs while as they have not achieved 100%, they have tried. We shall therefore issue them with the certificate of gender and equity compliance” Said Nafungo.

It should be noted that failure to get a gender and equity compliance certificate means a particular Ministry, Department, Agency, Local Government or Government Program will not get its plans and budgets approved by the ministry of finance.

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