Capt Mukula Attacks Gen Tumukunde over Proposal to Give Karamojongs Guns

Mukula campaigning in Kapelebyong

Capt Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region has blasted presidential candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde over his proposal to rearm Karamojongs if voted to power.

Mukula, who hails from Teso sub region, said Gen Tumukunde was “unreasonable” to propose that he would give guns to Karamoja people to guard their cattle while he was campaigning in Karamoja in December 2020.

“It is absurd that Gen Tumukunde went to campaign in Karamoja recently and he assured Karamojongs how he will rearm them to protect their cattle. It is ridiculous and senseless to give Karamojong guns because we saw them use the guns against Iteso,” Mukula said.

Mukula was on Sunday in the districts of Amuria and Kapelebyong in Teso sub region canvassing votes for President Yoweri Museveni and other NRM flag bearers.

In 2003, it was Mukula who presented a motion for the resolution of Parliament to allow government disarm Karamojongs. It was also the efforts of Mukula and Ecweru who took up 10,000 guns from government to form Arrow Boys, a Militia group who fought and defeated Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group.

The biggest casualties of LRA and Karamojong attacks were the people of Amuria district. Their bloody history is the reason they have promised to continue voting for the NRM government.

Meanwhile, State minister for Disaster Preparedness who also doubles as the MP for Amuria County, Musa Ecweru said that there is need for NRM government to construct more factories in Teso.

Ecweru appealed to Capt Mike Mukula, who sits in the NRM top decision making organ-CEC to advance Teso’s need for cassava factory to produce ethanol which can be used as sanitizer. Sanitizer has become a lucrative item since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic early last year.

“I appreciate the government for giving us a fruit factory in Teso, but I am requesting you [Capt Mukula] to remind the President about our memorandum that was read to him recently when he was in Teso that we need a factory that processes our cassava to make ethanol,” Ecweru said.

In his response, Mukula pledged to follow up the matter urgently with President Museveni during their weekly CEC meetings. He added that the NRM Manifesto that is over 260 pages has focused on industrialization to uplift commercial production.

Mukula addressing people of Kapelebyong

Mukula assured the people of Amuria that the NRM government is ready to jealously protect them and their property and that no insurgency will ever break out again in Teso under the leadership of President Museveni.

“Nobody will cause trouble in Teso again. No plan B will work again. Karamoja was at one time very unruly; not even Kizza Besigye could campaign there. Those guys [Karamojongs] were ruthless and armed to the teeth. They killed Iteso and raided their animals. But now Museveni has brought peace and stability. Teso is now peaceful,” Mukula said.

In Amuria and Kapelebyong, Mukula also officially received new converts from NUP and UPC who pledged total commitment to the NRM party for its fundamental achievements.

(Adopted from the Panther)

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