Buganda Kingdom Launches Royal Face Masks in The Fight Aganist Covid 19

Hon. Charles Peter Mayiga launching kingdom mask
Hon. Charles Peter Mayiga launching kingdom mask

As the numbers of those being tested with the deadily covid 19 in Uganda keeps spiking by the day despite the several measures instituted by the government, Buganda Kingdom has joined the fight by producing low costs masks at the price of two thousand shillings.

While launching this initiative, the Buganda Premier Hon Charles Peter Mayiga said that this move is intended towards keeping the subjects of the Kingdom and other Uganda safe from the deadily virus.

It ought to be noted that few weeks back, President Yoweri Museveni had said that the government was in the process of producing masks that will be handed out to all Ugandans from the age of 6 above at not cost.

The distribution of free government mask is slated for June 6th.

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