Americans are not Mad to Elect 78year old President, Says NRM’s Mukula

Mukula poses for a photo with new NRM converts in Kaliro Town Council

The NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region, Capt Mike Mukula, has urged Ugandans to vote for an experienced leader saying “Americans are not mad” to vote a 78year old Joe Biden as President.

Biden who is 3 years older than Uganda’s President Museveni was in November voted as President of USA unseating a 74year old Donald Trump.

Mukula said that Uganda become a failed State for over 20 years after Independence because there was no competent and experienced leadership.

“I don’t refute the fact that President Museveni will one time go, but we cannot force him out. He has held the country with care. Museveni is not just a politician, he is a freedom fighter and a revolutionary who has defeated over 14 main rebel groups to make Uganda peaceful,” Mukula said while campaigning for Museveni in Kaliro District. Mukula held two separate meetings in Bulamogi North West Constituency and Kaliro Town Council in Bulamogi County.

Mukula appealed to the people of Busoga to continue voting for the NRM government under the stewardship of President Museveni saying age is what constitutes good leadership.

“The president of Israel is 82, Nigeria’s Buhari is 78years, while South Africa’s Ramaphosa is 68. Now why do you want to gamble with the leadership of this country? Some people now want to serve the interests of foreigners who want to introduce bad habits like homosexuality in Uganda and also they have seen our oil and they want to destabilize this country for their own personal interests,” he said.

Kaliro people have promised to give Museveni over 90%

He warned those who are planning to cause chaos ahead of the 14th January elections saying that Ugandan security forces were well prepared for them.

“Elections will take place peacefully, nobody will bring instability and no plan B by the opposition will succeed. We have the capacity to contain any unlawful plans intended to impede peace,” he said.

Mukula has been campaigning for Museveni and all NRM flag bearers in Busoga districts since yesterday. Tomorrow, Wednesday, he is expected to campaign in Butaleja District. Busoga sub region is one of the strongholds for President Museveni. This election, the leaders in Kaliro have promised to mobilize for 90% victory for Museveni following the introduction of Emyooga program where Shs560m has already been sent to every constituency to benefit various micro-saving groups.

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