Amb. Ogwang Files for Divorce after Enduring Horrible Marriage for 7Years

Dickson Ogwang. The ambassador (pictured) endured a bad marriage for 7years in the hands of his embattled wife

Former Uganda’s Deputy Ambassador to the United States, Dickson Ogwang has finally filed for divorce after enduring a horrible marriage for over 7years.

Ambassador Ogwang, who is now working in the Diaspora Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been married to Miriam Otengo, who also works with the same ministry until 2018 when the marriage collapsed after the latter accused the former of domestic violence while they were in U.S, prompting the ambassador to be harshly recalled. Together, Ogwang and Otengo have two kids; Esther Randi Ogwang aged 8years and Solomon Mukombozi Ogwang aged 7years.

The two had their traditional marriage in 2011 before having a civil marriage in April 09, 2014 at the Registry of Marriages in Kampala.

According to family sources, Amb.Ogwang endured a bad marriage with Otengo characterized with disrespectfulness, deception and promiscuity among others. However, when the provocations from his wife became too much, Ogwang lost his cool and reportedly beat her up.

Despite efforts to save their marriage, Amb.Ogwang has decided to move on and officially dissolve his 7year marriage with Miriam Otengo.

Amb.Ogwang has officially filed for divorce with Miriam Otengo and among others seeks custody of their two beautiful kids who treasure their father like gold.

On Monday (December 09, 2019), Ogwang filed for divorce Cause no. 77 of 2019 in the Chief Magistrates Court, Mengo citing verbal assault from the respondent (Otengo) and involvement in extra-marital affairs.

“That while in Uganda, the respondent (Otengo) embarked on acts of inconsistent of a married woman. This included in getting involved in extra-marital affairs with a Kenyan man she only called Onyango. She also got involved in partying, orgies and pornography,” Ogwang’s petition reads in part adding that due to the cruelty, assaults, slander, defamation, abusive phone messages and calls from Otengo, the marriage has “irretrievably broken down.”

Ogwang also accuses Otengo of harsh and cruel treatment including physical assaults, threatening violence and slander.

It is alleged that Miriam Otengo almost smashed Ogwang’s head with a bottle at Bukoto, tried doing the same while in Washington by throwing a heavy sound speaker aimed at his head and even gave him a surprise heavy slap while he was asleep.

Otengo is also accused of abdicating her responsibility as a mother and wife by abandoning her children who were both under two years old and she returned to Uganda living the ambassador to hassle with kids in US with only the help of a nanny.

Amb. Dickson Ogwang and his embattled wife Miriam Otengo during their hey days


Since February 2018, Ogwang and Otengo have lived separate lives without any form of association and during the October 2018 clan meeting, the two agreed that their marriage had collapsed and that Ogwang would not demand the refund of dowry, but desired to have custody of his children as culture and custom demands.

In his petition, Ogwang demands to retain ownership of his Gayaza home so that he raises his two lovely kids and that Otengo retains the property at Naalya with children from her previous relations.

Miriam Otengo, former Senior Private Secretary to the President is the young sister to Rebecca Amuge Otengo who is the current ambassador of Uganda in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Rebecca Otengo has been cited to be at the centre of fuelling bickering in Ogwang’s marriage. She is accused of using her son Daniel Obal, a lawyer to blackmail the ambassador as a violator of human rights who batters women.

Apparently, Ogwang has found new love in a new babe who is a director at parliament (names withheld).

In fact, last week during the Electoral Commission (EC) Consultation meeting in Munyonyo, Rebecca Otengo who was in the country attacked some journalists whom she accused supporting Ogwang. She also undiplomatically made racial utterances against Ogwang’s new catch alleging that it was unfair for the journalists to support Ogwang’s move to marry the new babe who she claims is an Indian. Rebecca Otengo’s racial utterances shocked Chua West County MP Okin Ojara who was in attendance.

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