City Tycoon Clears Air on Allegations on Human trafficking, Crime

Ali Jabar
Ali Jabar

Ali Jabar is a renowned businessman whose escapades spun across and beyond Ugandan borders.

Recently, a story was published in various media outlets claiming that the businessman is a con artist “with a dubious record who acquired a security job in Uganda”

Stories had it that Jabar was wanted by police in Dubai UAE, Tanzania, Uganda and many other countries and that he was an expert in escaping the several jurisdictions with a very powerful network that enabled him influence all relevant authorities to escape the whims of justice that the alleged victims have so desperately sought for.

On learning about the reports, Ali, who is a celebrated businessman ensured that media got an unbiased view from his side too.

A team of journalists were reportedly facilitated to Dubai where they made on-site investigations about the matter.

While in Dubai the team visited Dubai CID Headquarters who checked their system for any warrants against Jabar and found his record spot clean.

The police also revealed that according to their system, Jabar has never been arrested in Dubai and no arrest warrant has ever been issued against him.

On allegations of violence and the broadcast footage of what appeared to be horrific incident of Ali Jabar thoroughly beating a one Barbara Naluwooza, the businessman said,

““I was provoked to beat Barbara. When she forcefully entered my office and started throwing things (Computers, tables, chairs) down, I rung police who advised me to defend myself and my property so I did. But again even if you demand me as she claimed, does that mean you hold the law in your hands and damage my property?” He explained.

Asked about the alleged human trafficking, Jabar said; “I think English is a problem”.

“Trafficking means taking people out of a country illegally.” The incident that they are tagging me to is that, a mature sane person leaves Uganda on a one month visa, after reaching Dubai and the one month is expiring, they start to scamper in search for help and jobs. When they knock on my office doors, I allow them in, I listen to them before I recommend them to my partner companies. All I do is recommend. Where they meet the requirements, they are taken. Now if you looked for me in such case, does that mean trafficking?’ he narrated.

“If I was a trafficker as alleged, I would be languishing in a Dubai prison” he added.

Before this case, there was a reported eruption between Ali Jabar and Ambassador Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu following a heated marital split between the Ambassador and his wife Rukia.

It is widely believed that Ssemudu could be the force behind media reports against Ali.

A conversation between Ali and Ambassador Ssemudu
A conversation between Ali and Ambassador Ssemudu
Amb. Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu
Amb. Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu





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