AK47’s Widow Testifies Against Don Nasser

Maggie explaining to journalists why she was at court
Maggie explaining to journalists why she was at court

The Late AK47’s lover Maggie Nnalongo has flown in from London to testify against jailed tycoon and alleged conman Don Nasser.

Maggie says she was contacted by police and told to either fly in or get arrested.

” They gave me two options, either to be arrested or come to Uganda and they do investigations for the money he took,” she told journalists in Entebbe.

“The reason why I am here, when I came, I was taken straight to CPS to make a statement.”

Maggie further says that she flew in with loads of evidence, exonerating her from the crime.

” So, I met this lady, she’s called Jessica, today and told her.”

“I came with all the evidence.”

Maggie who was the first to come out when on Nasser’s dirty deals, told the press that couldn’t let herself go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

” Because of my children I couldn’t be in Prison for something I never took part in or allow someone steal from investors who come to Uganda,” she said.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Don Nasser was granted bond shortly after appearing at the Entebbe mineral court.

Nasser was arrested last week after series of crimes were reported against him.

Upon arrest, he was found with fake gold, Fake dollars and a lot more.






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