Zanie Brown Addresses “Haters” in new song “Battima”

"It's just a "You-Cant-Bring-Me-Down" type of song. Pretty straightforward."

Zanie Brown Battima
Zanie Brown Battima

Artist and philanthropist Zanie Brown has yet again released a heartwarming single, first of her 2019 journey.

The singer premiered “Battima” on her social media channels to thousands of evidently thirsty fans.

As the title spells out, the song is about how “haters always to so hard” to bring people down.

In what seems like a personal-inspired ballad, Zanie tells off jealous people assuring them how no one can uproot what God planted.

“I need a doctor who can treat jealousy, ” Zanie warbles in the introductory lyrics.

The evidently heart-driven track also hints on haters of her schools program that has since become a matter of public interest.

Months after her last song “Mugulu”, Zanie has yet again proved her relevance even when after months of silence.

True to her character, Zanie pours her heart and witty lyrics on a track track that is protected to be a major hit single.

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