Winnie Nwagi’s new club banger- Olaba Otya


If anybody is on indescribably amazing music roller coaster, Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi is on the steering wheel. ‘Olaba Otya’ loosely translated as ‘How do you see it’ or contextually understood as ‘What if’ is definitely the next dance floor-sending banger.

In yet another of Herbert Skills raga-dancehall productions, Nwagi expresses how she wants all there is from her new crush regardless of what the on lookers have to say as they get it on all night long, on the dance floor.

With a video anticipated to drop soonest, one can only imagine when Nwagi gets jiggy with it in ‘Olaba Otya’ as it’s an irresistibly massive dance party jam to be.

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