Bebe Cool goes Nigerian in Pass n Go


When Bebe promised fans to expect loads from his camp earlier this year and throughout, many thought he was being the talker that he is, but aside from wifey Zuena carrying their fifth child, Bebe cool has indeed walked his talk.

From a collabo with sauti sol Mbozi za Malwa that got us madly back into the Gagamel lane to Katoono which without a doubt is still a very trending jam, to now Pass and Go, whose visual was recently premiered on MTV Base.

Pass and Go ensues a Nigerian feel owing to its production that saw Bebe amalgamate with English lyrical content as he maintained his husky vocals that send chills to dance floor lovers. To a point that we can firmly say, Mr. Bebe cool has learnt his audience and the art of staying relevant in comparison to the other artists in this country’s music industry.

That said, your welcome to check out the 30 hot jams on the telescope’s monthly hit list every other end of month!

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