Women Enjoy Sex Best At The Age Of 36


If you are a lady in your twenties and think that you are having the best sex of your life, hold up! you haven’t yet seen anything. According to research carried out by Contraceptive app Natural Cycles on approximately 2600 women between the ages of 18 and 50 about their experience of orgasms, feelings of attractiveness and how much the enjoyed sex. Women aged 36 and over proved to be the most confident in their skin with eight out of 10 saying they felt sexy.

Women in this age group also  scored highest when it came to climaxing with nearly six out of 10 reporting more frequent and better orgasms. In contrast, just five out of ten said the same in the younger groups of women. Similarly, 86 per cent of the older age group said they had great sex over the last four weeks compared to 76 per cent in the middle group and just 56 per cent of the youngest.

The results also showed that one in three of these women said they felt sex should last longer, while one in ten felt that it should be over quicker.

Adapted from http://www.independent.co.uk

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