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Spoof facials for a glowing skin
 Your man can indeed give you help in keeping your skin glowing golden look. It sounds weird but new studies have revealed that sperms or semen is really good for your skin. Proteins and other nutrients in sperms can help for a flawless skin and facial treatment. Sperm facials for skin reviews are all good and lots of girls are getting better results. So the next time you go for a romantic night, do not forget to collect some. Sperms contain good amounts of zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, proteins and fructose. Try using this natural ingredient that works to get natural glowing skin. Enjoy this natural skin nourishing sperm facial skin treatment and make radiant and flawless skin your way! Know the benefits of applying semen to beautify you naturally. Though semen is always associated with, sex, spitting or making babies, there are other ways it can be used apart from what goes on in the bedroom
 Get rid of acne with sperm
Taking sperm face treatment can decrease acne problems. Minerals, nutrients, vitamins, proteins, anti-oxidants present in sperm can make more goodness for skin. Sperm kills acne causing bacteria and guards skin beautifully. Doing sperm facial is good for acne and it is the best natural remedy to stop pimples.
Fade the wrinkles away
Use semen as skin serum which will act as a fountain of youth. Simply smear it around your eyes and wrinkle prone areas. If you start this as early as 30, you will naturally age gracefully and naturally without pimples. If you have a wrinkle, taking it off with a sperm mask will sweep it away before you know it. Proteins forms sperms protect the body from wrinkles, fine lines and other aging symptoms. So utilize your man and get young and youthful even in the aging race.
Vanish scars
Facial sperm mask used to clear acne can also clear off acne scars. Massage semen on the skin and acne areas, the scars will disappear magically. It also does wonders at clearing the skin and leaving it the smoothest form ever. It also gives a soft and supple face.
Clears dark circles
One of the best benefits of using semen facials on your face is that it lightens the dark circles around the eyes. Having darkness around the eyes pulls down beauty on your face. You don’t need to use concealer to hide the dark area; all you need is sperms to act as natural concealer that will work effectively.  It also tightens the skin and prevents it from sagging.
Cures chapped lips.
Moisturize dry chapped scaly lips by naturally applying sperm on them. it hydrates lip skin an makes it super and incredibly soft. Sperm is a lucrative substance and natural lubricant which moisturizes your skin. The salty taste of semen comes from ammonia salts which are picked from the urethra and they are highly effective in de greasing and also contain antibacterial properties.
Induce Hair Growth
Best use of sperm for beauty is for hair care. Using sperm can promote hair growth. New study has revealed that prostaglandin E2 enzyme found in sperm can help for natural hair growth. Applying sperm on scalp can stimulate hair growth. Protein present in sperm can enhance hair texture beautifully.
 Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening sperm? Semen or sperm contains teeth whitening ingredients such as zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphates. So, you can use sperm for whitening teeth. It can help to brighten your smile by giving you pearly white teeth. So, get natural white teeth with a simply trick at home. Though using sperm for skin care benefits miraculously, using daily is not advisable. So, use it wisely and for multiple beauty purposes like skin care, hair growth, teeth whitening, dark circle, acne, scars, wrinkles and aging lines.
Facts about sperms
 Dr Francis Asiimwe of Unity skin Specialists Clinic at Acacia mall says that using sperms is one of the rare cases where going extremes makes you healthy. The component spermine found in sperms is believed to be powerful anti-oxidant. Research also confirms that sperms do not only make a woman glow but they also elevate her daily moods. The presence of substances like serotonin oxytocin and prolactin in sperm are most probably the reason behind it. With the evaporation of water from it, the proteins gather for stretching out the fine wrinkles on your skin.  Sperms constitutes of at least three vitamins, B12, C and E. essential minerals found in it are magnesium, calcium, Zinc, phosphor and potassium. There are two sweeteners, sorbitol and fructose too. Traces of sodium and cholesterol are found and protein content is quiet high also. “It seems sperm comes with a box of vitamins attached to it. Strangely, all these combine to for making an excellent nutritional supplement. And it is a great way of putting part of your man into use.”  Says Dr Asiimwe .  
Use sperm for anti-aging benefits too! Make best use of your man’s protein power packed sperm to beautify you naturally!
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