Maize Flour for Skin: How to use it for Flawless Skin

Maize Flour is good for your skin.
Maize Flour is good for your skin.

Here is good news for those that received government food relief. You may not know what other way to use you maize flour apart from making ‘kawunga’ but don’t you love to know that it can double as a recipe on your skin routine?  We all love kitchen products that be food and have other uses as well

Maize flour, like any other natural homemade beauty recipe, is more efficient and comfortable to use for flawless and fresh skin.

According to Rita Justine of Step To Health Uganda, a health and nutrition group, Cornstarch is also beneficial for oily skin, as it gets rid of the annoying excessive oil in your skin and it regulates the level of fats your skin produces every day. A cornstarch and milk face mask contains a good amount of protein enough to provide your skin with natural collagen that eventually makes you look younger and fresher.

She adds that this face mask will revive your skin color, brighten it up, and will benefit your oily skin very much. Cornstarch contains Vitamin A which is responsible for color correcting dark spots on your face; it also contains iron and calcium which are responsible for skin cells renewal.

You got to try this!

And don’t worry about the flour getting wasted, you only need two tablespoons of flour, 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)  and 3 tablespoons of with milk or water  (milk is good for oily skin).

Wash and dry your face before applying the mask. Then apply the cornflour mask on your face and neck. Make sure it’s well covered with a thick layer.  Leave the mask on for 5- 20 minutes or until it dries and then wash it off with cool water.

Do this twice a week and your skin will glow forever.


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