How to get your dream body with Egg Whites

“Happy New Year!” current trending slogan. Everyone seems excited about the new decade. Big strides worth reflecting on have been made over the past decade.  It’s a time for reflecting and planning for the future. Everyone has different goals, but a few are more common than others: make more money, find love or fix your relationship, take your career to another level, eat right, improve your physical fitness or lose weight!

Nutrition is a major factor in shaping the body you want. Doctors recommend eating dark greens, fruits like lemons or jackfruit, fewer carbohydrates (such as bread, sugars, Irish potatoes, white rice, posho, etc.) and more protein to feed your muscles!

One great way to increase your protein intake while still pursuing weight loss is to eat more eggs, especially the egg whites which contain high-quality proteins. Eggs are also low in calories and packed with essential amino acids. Bodybuilders are known for eating eggs raw to help build their muscles, but the yellow part of the eggs also includes cholesterol, which can heighten your risk of heart disease. However, there are products in Uganda like Pristine Liquid Egg that have already separated and pasteurized the egg white so you only get the good stuff.

Getting your ideal body takes both diet and exercise. If you want to add egg whites to your 2020 diet plan, here are a few simple recipes.

  • Add egg whites to a smoothie.
  • Make yourself an egg-white-only omelette. You can add greens and tomato for extra nutrients.
  • Ad a little liquid egg white to your oatmeal for a healthier breakfast.
  • Mash avocado with egg white for some extra protein guacamole.

Best of luck reaching your goals in 2020! May it be an eggs-ellent year!


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