Waist Trainers: Do they really Cut Weight?—Facts and Myths Listed


Every now and then, women have been overtaken by the craze of being in shape and having flat tummies with waists of an hourglass. Anything can be done to achieve this dream and the media seems to portray this mission as one that can be accomplished without any long hours of working out. While advertising and selling waist trainers, buyers are promised sweet results but is this so? When you look at the claims by manufactures with common sense, you very quickly realise that they are not built on any science whatsoever.

Note that the main purpose of waist trainers is to achieve a permanent hourglass figure by flattening inwards the area between the ribs and hips. This is primarily the area around the abdominal muscles and obliques. Similar to corsets they also aim to accentuate your breasts by pushing them and upwards. But does it work? Let’s find out.

“I started using a waist trainer when a friend recommended it to me , I would wear it every day for five days and with all the discomfort and sweaty moods, I was determined to lose weight, I did not do any other exercise or even change my diet. After two months of ‘struggle’ I realised that there was no change I still weighed 85kgs” laments Harriet Mukisa. I believe many other women are in the same boat but the reality is that waist trainers only help you fit in your desired body hugging dress and give you your dream appearance only for a moment, when you take off that trainer; the body will go back to its normal shape. This is because a human body unlike the skeleton is soft and malleable, when you push it like with waist trainers; you are able to contour it to suit.


Fat cells or adipocytes are actually quite clever. When we are infants, they multiply in number as part of normal development but once we reach adulthood they remain in constant numbers. If we eat too much and don’t exercise enough our bodies start to fill each of these fat cells up and we put weight on. The more overweight you are, the fuller these adipocytes are.  Diet and exercise can ‘kill off’ a very small number of adipocytes through a process called adipose cell apoptosis, however these are usually quickly replaced. Simply pushing your tummy inwards with a waist trainer will have absolutely zero effect on how many fat cells you have, or how much fat in stored within them. All you are doing is pushing them elsewhere in your body temporarily.

Reduces How Much You Eat

This is probably the only thing that a waist trainer offers that might lead to weight loss. Whether forcing yourself to eat less is healthy or not though is as different point. To lose weight you need to restrict the amount of calories you take in. If it is less than what you burn off each day then you’ll lose weight. But restrict your food intake too much and you’ll run the risk of losing muscle mass and not being able to exercise effectively both important aspects of successful weight loss programming.

Having control of your daily intake of calories is important to help you feel content whilst dieting, not feeling hungry or restricted. Having an external device controlling how much you can eat is neither healthy nor safe.

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