The Biggest Mistakes Ugandans Make When Using Condoms.

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In this era where most Ugandans are at least trying to avoid S.T.I’s and unwanted pregnancies, condoms seem the easiest and safest way to prevent the above. Unfortunately, numbers indicate that many as three out of four people don’t know how to use them thus finding themselves in grave problems. Telesqop analyses some of these very common mistakes and how they ought to be avoided.

1. Not checking the expiration date: In Uganda it’s the norm for a person to walk into a supermarket pick up a product (bread, milk, biscuits e.t.c) and pay for it at the counter without checking it’s expiry date. They will only to realise that the product is past it’s sell by date when they get home and the product smells or tastes different. Unfortunately expired condoms may not emit any scent that will raise suspicion and thus the reason as to why many have fallen victim of incurable S.T.I’s and unwanted pregnancies despite having used a condom during sexual intercourse.

2. Not checking for visible damages:  Because many people are usually caught up in the moment they hardly ever bother to check for tears and holes on the condoms. According to research carried out  by the Kidney Institute report, nearly 75% of people never bother looking for tears or holes — even if they use their teeth to open the packet  or snag the condom on their jewellery or fingernails.

3. Putting it on late in the action: The excitement that comes with laying down with someone that you have longed for sometimes clogs the brain of many people especially that youth that they only remember to put on a condom after penetration has occurred, not knowing that some sperm can be released before the final fireworks, posing pregnancy and STD risks. 

4. Not leaving room at the top: When you sit in a group of actively sexual youth and you listened to their experiences on condom usage, 8 out of 10 will admit that they have had a point during intercourse when alas the condom broke. This situation usually occurs when there is no room left for the sperm on top, thus causing the condom to break.

5.Putting it on wrongly: Most people have fallen a victim of this and they never realise it. About 30% of people put it on inside out and don’t realise that an inside-out condom is more likely to slip off. The safest thing to do is always start with a new one. The right way: The condom should look a little like a ski cap with the bottom edges rolled up (not under). The cap should fit over the penis so that the brim unrolls easily down the shaft.

6. Using Lubricants: Yes, no one wants to have sex with a dry partner because of the discomfort that it generates to both parties. unfortunately. many Ugandans have ignorantly opted for oil-based lubricants (like petroleum jelly, face and body creams, and baby oil or mineral oil). These can make the latex pop. Instead,  use kinder, gentler lubricants like saliva.

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