Practical Remedies On How To Get a Bigger and More Effective Manhood/Penis

The size/girth and length of a man’s penis in regard to bedroom matters has become one of the biggest debates of this generation from the highest corporate offices down to the lowest class of people leaving the men who are endowed with extra inches of flesh feeling superior to those with less.

A few years ago, a sex tape purportedly of showy Ugandan tycoon Jack Pemba leaked on social media sending many people in a frenzy about his small ‘dongle.’ Many men who used to envy him because his wealth stopped because they felt more of MEN than he is.

Research has also been carried out on women in regard to the issue of preference of manhood size on various platforms such as radio and TV talk shows but nothing conclusive has been brought to the table however the biggest percentage leaning towards men with extra pounds of flesh.

It is in this regard that the mighty telesqop decided to go on an intensive and extensive research to help the men who have been verbally abused by certain ladies about their size to be able to gain a few inches and perform better.


It ‘s for a fact that 90% of potbellied men have very small penises in comparison to their counterparts that have smaller or flat tummies this is because a huge belly encroaches on the base of the penis, making it look smaller and less effective. It’s therefore advisable for these men to reduce their intake of meat and diary products by concentrating more on plant foods. They should inculcate regular exercises such as sit ups and power walks to help them trim belly fat.


Chilly environments are not favorable for penis growth and enlargement. It is easy to notice that during rainy and cold days the penis tends to shrink beyond normal. It is therefore advisable that men who aren’t endowed enough should put on very warm clothing and should also embrace warm bath’s before sex. This will help your penis enlarge to unimaginable proportions.


Smoking limits the blood flow into the penis, making it smaller. It ought to be noted that the size of the penis is fully dependent on the amount of blood flowing to it. The lesser the blood flowing south the smaller the penis and vice versa. This is because smoking narrows the arteries meant to carry blood to this area.


If you want a bigger and more effective pleasure muscle you must be ready to drop all that you are doing and schedule time to do physical workouts. Exercise helps blood flow through your arteries down to the love muscle making it stiffer and more functional to ‘drill.’


Whenever a man is anxious, the muscles through out his body tend to shrink. Anxiety tends to trigger the fight and flight reflexes which send blood away from the central body with the penis inclusive towards the limbs for self defense or escape but as one relaxes blood returns to the central body including the penis.

It however ought to be noted that there may be other ways that can be used to improve penis size and effectiveness but many are temporal, quite expensive and in some instances extremely dangerous. We therefore recommend the use of the methods we have highlighted above.


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