Diamond Trust Bank In Blood Donation Drive


In response to Uganda’s nationwide blood shortage, hundreds of people turned up to participate in a blood donation drive organized by Diamond Trust Bank (U)  in partnership with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) which started on Thursday 24th  and will end on 26th August 2017 at DTBU Main Branch Premises.

The Annual DTBU Blood Donation Drive is organized to increase the stock of blood that can be accessed by patients in the country. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Uganda needs about 340,000 units of blood annually although approximately 200,000 units are collected annually.

Speaking at the event in Kampala, Thambi Verghese, the CEO at Diamond Trust Bank, said; “Blood donation is an annual event at DTB under Corporate Social Responsibility and we consider this as very important as it directly help people in case of exigencies”.

“In addition to DTBU staff, bank customers also take part in the event every year with lot of enthusiasm, he said.”

Samuel Muyingo, The Head of Marketing at DTBU praised DTBU staff for taking the lead in responding to the call for blood donation that is as a result of blood shortage at the blood bank.  “I am glad to be part of this blood donation drive and call upon everyone to join us as we donate blood and save lives. DTBU will organize more of such activities and also call upon other companies to follow DTBU’s example and engage in activities that are communally benefiting to all,” Mr. Samuel Muyingo remarked.

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) is only able to collect up to approximately 200,000 units annually of which goes to children, pregnant mothers, cancer patients, sicklers, accident victims, people requiring surgical procedures and those living with HIV/AIDs, ” UBTS expressed the need for a blood donation drive and as a proudly Ugandan Brand; DTBU decided to make this an annual activity. I thank whoever took part in last year’s drive and once again call upon the public to join us this year because Safe Blood Saves Lives Muyingo added.” Achieve More.

The drive is part of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda which is premised on playing an active role in the sustainable development and well-being of the community in which it is doing business.

UBTS has seven regional blood banks across the country with six collection centres to support them. However, approximately 80 per cent of the blood donated in the country is collected from pupils and students thus posing a risk of shortage during the holidays.




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