Zari to Diamond : “Nothing of yours is left here, Leave me out of your Drama”


Cross-border socialite Zari Hassan seems to have wrapped it up with her Tanzanian baby-daddy Diamond Platnumz, if the recent actions are anything to go by.

A few hours ago, Diamond took to instagram and complained about reports on his alleged affairs, claiming he is free to do whatever he wants.

Every day it’s all about Diamond dating this lady or that lady,” Diamond said.

“Can’t I  have some peace? I’m busy pushing bongo flava to the world,” he added.

He however cleared air that he is “not dating anyone neither have I slept with the alleged lady and even when I will end my relationship with the one residing in the South and move one with another, I will still make it public when the right time comes because there is nothing that can stop me from doing that.”

” If anything, I am barely 28 and not yet married and to add on to that am allowed to marry up to four women period,” A pissed Diamond said.

In a spit second, Zari, as her norm is, ran to Snapchat and warned Diamond to leave her out of his Baby mama drama.

“You mean who? Doesn’t she have a name? You got nothing of yours left here. Can I be left out of this drama please?” Zari posted.

From the look of things, their relationship is dead and gone.


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