Who is Behind Bad Black’s Blackmail Campaign against Mike Mukula?

Bad Black

It is not once or twice that the ‘infamous’ socialite Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has spearheaded a blackmail campaign against the persona of the flamboyant Flight Capt. Mike Mukula.

For starters, over the years, Bad Black has become popular for hawking her most treasured body parts and using them to extort rich Ugandans in order to make ends meet. Her confidants will tell you that Bad Black’s thighs are always opening and are as busy as Jinja Road.

Of late, the renowned pussy hawker has been on rampage attacking any government official who comes her way after cracking a row deal with Ministry of Health for using her video in the COVID-19 fight. Like they say, “When you have no brains, it is your private parts that suffer,” Bad Black reportedly ‘volunteered’ to record the video with high expectations that government would pay her. Alas! She had mistaken elephant grass for sugar cane.

Whereas her frustration is quite comprehensible, it is disappointing to see Bad Black turning her fury to people who do not have a stake in her woes with the Ministry of Health. Her latest victim is Capt Mike Mukula, a flamboyant personality who quit active politics to concentrate on his businesses.

Bad Black in her latest social media rants posted saying, “After God fear men. So, my ex- Mike Mukula can’t say anything about this matter even a single word he is just silent. I have proof because hotels got footage and international hospitals, I am tired (ndi mukoowu).”

It has been noted that every time things go wrong on her side, somehow somewhere, she usually drags Mukula’s name; raising elements of malice and blackmail.

“She seems to have taken Mukula’s silence for a ride and now drags his name every time. It is now clear that some people are using Bad Black to fight Captain,” a source said.

Mukula has been embroiled in long battles with another self-styled tycoon Brian White over debts. It is said that Mukula sold a posh car to Brian White and failed to pay. Brian turned shame into anger when Mukula went demanding for his money after a long time of demanding. Brian White is also on Parliament’s “Wanted List” where he has been summoned on allegations of torturing and sexually abusing his secretary a one Stella Nandawula.

Reports show that Bad Black could also be sponsored by some politicians who want to dethrone Mukula as the NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern Uganda, a position he has held for a while now.

Apparently, Mukula is contemplating to sue Bad Black for repeatedly defaming him and alleging that he had a sexual affair with her.

“Sincerely, Bad Black is not that type that Capt Mukula can fall for. He [Mukula] is married and loves his family. He is very busy building his business empire. Bad Black is simply being used by some people. We had advised Mukula not to take any legal against Mukula because he would have really scooped so low to involve himself in court battles with a nonstarter like Bad Black,” Mukula’s close friend who preferred anonymity said, adding that his family is aware of such propaganda against him.

In 2018, Bad Black again went on social media making unsubstantiated statements alleging that she has had sex with Mukula several times and that he uses Viagra.

In 2012, Anti-Corruption Court sentenced Bad Black and her lover, Meddie Ssentongo to four years in prison after convicting them of fraud. Bad Black was convicted for embezzling US$3.9m from the company she jointly owned with her ex-lover, a British engineer, David Greenhalgh.

Upon her release, Black has been living in a blackout, hustling left, right and centre. When life became so hard, she resorted to abusing the President and alleging that he impregnated her. These false utterances attracted the attention of police detectives who summoned Bad Black to Kibuli and she later apologized, saying that she was trying to look for money from the president. In short, she is a professional thigh vendor!


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