Ugandan Socialite Jamila Serves Nekkid Butts in Qatar

Jamila Akasengait

Jamila Akaserengait is a socialite in her own caliber.

She chops money whenever, how-ever, and wherever she wants.

The cute little thing likes to be called “Sophisticated Ass Goddess” on Instagram, and she could be just right.

Her behind seems to have received divine blessings.

On her latest vacation in Qatar, the glamor girl served onlookers with raw butt cheeks.

Rocking two-piece bikinis, Jamila proved to Qatar natives why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa.

We really pity and envy those guys at Ghariya  and Carmen’s Beach in Al Maroona.

These pics are extremely Xrated. If you prefer to go view these photos click on them , they will reveal themselves.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3



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