Sexy Kampala Slay Queens With Questionable Sources of Income

We present Kampala's sexy, loaded, but jobless slay queens

Seanice Glam

Unemployed female socialites in Kampala have over the years rebranded, christening themselves all sorts of names. From model, socialite, fashionista, name it, these girls have made it a priority to have tags that make them sound like the pioneers of style.

In that pack however, there exists a group of slay queens who hop from Plane to another, vacation to the other, even though they have no real life jobs.

Telesqop presents Kampala’s sexy, loaded but jobless slay queens.

  1. Sheila Parker

She is a sexy cross-breed of a Kenyan and Ugandan who identifies herself as a model even though she has never stepped anywhere close to the runway.

She is fiercely arousing, and unapologetically bad-ass that a simple gaze into her eyes can easily send you to multiple ejac**ations.

Sheila, a born of Entebbe, spends most of her time abroad, checking in and out of plush hotels.

It’s from her super-lavish lifestyle that some peeps concluded that Sheila is a corporate leg-vendor who only deals on international market.

Sheila Parker
  1. Sharon Tushabomwe

Forget your overhyped Kardashians with their 20-step edited photos, Sharon Tusha, a nude model is the real deal.

On any day, anywhere, she will strip naked, pose for the camera and walk away innocently with no remorse for whoever watches.

Just like most girls on this list, Sharon spends her time away from Uganda, on trips not even her closest friend can decipher.

Nicknamed the melanin queen, Sharon uses her well-toned dark body to lure unsuspecting thirsty guys into expensive vacations and romps.

Unlike many, she often rebrands, to cut ties with her previous clientele and stalkers.

Her biggest asset to date, is her Instagram handle where she shares tempting, saucy photos of her melanin body.


  1. Zeinab Sonia

Zeinab is a clean, poor version of Zari. Hot, attractive, seemingly loaded with a scary attitude that leads you into thinking she’s the proprietor of most style brands in Uganda.

She possesses an arguably elevated sense of style that often portrays her as rich, and bad-ass.

Classy and high-end is her type, that she only appears on A-list events and get-togethers.

She, just like many, leads an expensive lifestyle  only she can explain.

  1. Jaymie Kardash

Bold, daring and unrepentantly sexy, Jaymie calls herself a boss Ass Bitch. I mean, that should sum it all up.

She and her clique of other two equally striking friends– Shazee Kiing and Hanny Taisil are the poor versions of the Kardashians. They wouldn’t mind splashing millions on a party, provided it looks good for the camera.

Jaymie, when singled out, is a fresh graduate whose biggest asset currently seems to be her wild booty and wild lifestyle.

Expensive trips, plush chill zones and loaded guys are her prey.

Kardash in Dubai
Jaymie Kardash
  1. Seanice Glam

She has rocked the scene for years, but she keeps her life as secretive as you can imagine.

Seanice is a sexy, arousing and reserved socialite whose mark has been made by racy photos on IG.

Rocking bikinis and flaunting Azz has seen the light-skinned cute socialite hop from one country to the other with no clear job at hand.

Seanice Glam showing off her sexy ta-tas
Seanice Glam
Seanice Glam

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