PHOTOS: Allan Toniks Hires Tempting Exotic Models, Top Director for “Romance” Video Shoot

Allan Toniks with he exotic model behind the scenes.
Allan Toniks with he exotic model behind the scenes.

Not so long ago, we reported on this website how musician Allan Toniks churned out a tranquilizing yet danceable track named “Romance.”

Now exclusive word from the GMG camp has it that the singer has hired services of a very tempting exotic vixen to garnish the video of the this song.

In some of the scenes that we have seen, Toniks is seen getting close to the model as they spell out the romantic set of the song.

As if that was not enough, Toniks and  his management also contracted renowned video maker J Blessing for the job.

J Blessing was spotted behind the camera ensuring that the song gets the international picture it deserves.

“Romance” is the first project for Toniks under his new management GMG.

We have the photos:

Toniks on set


Toniks, the model and one of the crewmen during the shoot


Director J blessing shooting as Toniks pulls his signature poses.
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