MP Mukula Gives Artiste Kusasira Shs2000, Riots for Her Booty

Agule MP Francis Mukula excitingly picked 2k to give to Kusasira as other gave her 50k

For Shs2000, Francis Mukula, the MP for Agule County in Pallisa district thought he had offered enough to get a bite of artiste Catherine Kusasira’s booty.

The bummy Kusasira was the main entertainer at the thanksgiving ceremony of 317 MP who voted for amendment of article 102(b) of the Constitution in Kiboga district on Sunday.

Whereas other MPs reached to their pockets and wallets to shower Kusasira with at least Shs50,000 notes, Mukula reached his pocket and pulled out 5 notes of Shs2000 before giving the artist only one note of Shs2000. The MP had changed money like he was a boda boda cyclist.

Francis Mukula pulls out a note of Shs2000 (circled) to give to Kusasira

Ironically, the MPs who pulled 50k notes calmingly remained seated while Mukula who pulled 2k was on riot and stalked Kusasira’s bum. He looked like a hyena that has smelt a carcass.

Mukula rushes to squeeze artist Catherine Kusasira’s huge bum after giving her only 2k


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