Martha Kay Issues First Statement after Nude Pictures Saga

Martha Kay
Martha Kay


Comedian and photographer Martha Kay has issued a first statement ever since her nude pictures leaked to the public a week ago.

While many were expecting a defensive communiqué probably about how a jilted lover leaked the photos, Martha issued a much unexpected statement.

Actually, it was her management.

In the statement, the “management” says it came to their attention that impersonators were taking advantage of the situation to set up accounts in their client’s names.

“We would like to clarify that the official social media pages for Martha Kay are; [indicated in a picture],” the statement read in part.

“We are working round the clock to have the accounts verified,” the went on to say.

The statement that was issued by Martha Kay's management
The statement that was issued by Martha Kay’s management

Regarding any information on her private pictures, management says, “Any communication regarding Martha Kay will be addressed through the above mentioned social media channels at an appropriate time.”

This comes at a time when most of her fans are on egg shells waiting to hear her side of the story.

No interview has been given on the matter yet.

Celebrities Continue to React

In our previous reports, we told you how celebrities continued to share their opinions of her leaked photos, with many offering a crying shoulder.

A Pass, one of the many celebrities linked to Martha Kay says he offered his message in person.

“It’s all love ❤️ I love her and I feel for her as a friend. I gave her my positive energy personally.” He tweeted.

Government Reacts to her Pictures

There have been reports that the Anti-pornographic committee together with the Ministry of Ethics and integrity want to summon Martha Kay along with other victims of revenge pornography.

In a statement, Anette Kezaabu, the chairperson Anti Pornography committee urged girls to stop taking nude pictures.

Anette Kezaabu the chairperson Anti pornography committee in Uganda
Anette Kezaabu the chairperson Anti pornography committee in Uganda

“If you are threatened, it is actually better for a girl to run to the committee and say I took pictures but my boyfriend is threatening to leak them,” she said.

She also told the press that they have “taken interest in Martha Kay’s case and that of supreme Mufti’s daughter.”

“Our committee will meet on Wednesday and thereafter, we will work with police to cause their arrest,” she said.

She also told the press she “would never take nude pictures let alone allow someone else to do it.”

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