Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe Speaks Out on “Sleeping with men for Money”


Kenyan model and socialite Huddah Monroe seems to have woken up on the funny side of the bed,

On her Snapchat, the celebrated glamour vented her anger towards women who play each other down, even when they all live off their bodies.

Huddah also claims if you have to sell your body, do it and get out.

“Over working coz of sleeping with men for money is overrated?” she said,

“If you have to, get in, get out. Go do ya thing. You can’t be a hoe forever! It’s just sad hoes calling other hoes broke when the family is still in the slums! Shame!,” she added.

The model, who seems to have been hitting at a fellow socialite also noted that “Respect people especially when you live on P*ssy hawking,”

“The ones you look down on today will be on top of you tomorrow,” she added,

Huddah, who is also a Belaire brand ambassador in East Africa advised that “To all the P^ssy hawkers out there acting like they’re Brands, Be humble! Everyone is blessed.”

“Some people’s blessings re just delayed,” she concluded.

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